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The Group 

Our group was formed in 1991. Now well established it comprises some 13 enthusiasts (November 2003).

Dancing at Kelly's Hotel, Ireland during the Omagh folk festival


Here we are at the Irish American bluegrass festival in Omagh, Ireland.

   Press for music

The performance

As a "precision clog" group we synchronise percussive step accompaniment with music.

Dances are exuberant so our audiences are assured of a high energy performance which will leave them elated and calling for more


Dancing at Llantarnam near Newport
The music  is mostly fast foot tapping Bluegrass or old-time string band tunes with fiddle and 5 string banjo. Nowadays we include contemporary music to offer a broader range to our audiences. Dancing to a bluegrass band
The dance originated in the Appalachian Mountains through many different influences. Those with workday boots danced in them whilst poorer performers danced in bare feet.

Today the dance is more stylised and cloggers wear leather shoes tapped at heel and toe. 

The Venues 

We dance-out across a broad spectrum of events, celebrations, carnivals, festivals.

Dancing at Tredegar Park folk festivalFee-based or fund-raising, no booking is too small or large. 

We are proud to say we are invited back by many organizations year after year.

We need
  • Mains power
  • Flat surface OR 
  • Suitable floor 15 feet square
We have
  • A transportable dance floor
  • Recorded music and PA system
  • Membership of folk music & dance societies in UK & USA.
  • Public Liability insurance
2003 performances included


  • Tredegar Park folk festival, Newport
  • Ty Hafan children's charity, Cardiff Bay
  • Cwmbran Folk dance festival
  • Tintern Abbey Mill
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